luxury backyard fire pit

Extend Patio Season in Kentuckiana With A Fire Pit Installation

As summer ends we tend to drift indoors and start to spend more time inside while longing for the return of spring. But fall doesn’t have to be the end of your outdoor activities. If you install a fire pit on your patio you could actually extend your outdoor time and create an entertaining space for guests. Fire pits are cheap, fun, and can add a great deal of interest to your Kentuckiana property. Read on for more advantages of a fire pit installation.

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purple hydrangea bush

Growing Season is Not Over! Six Things You Can Plant Right Now

Just because it’s September in Kentuckiana doesn’t mean the gardening season is over. In fact, as the temperatures become cooler, until the ground freezes, the soil is still warm enough to allow roots to grow. Here are six different things you can plant right now and look forward to either now or when spring arrives. And if you need more inspiration, 2YardPros is standing by to assist with all of your landscaping needs.

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Identify the Five Most Common Uncontrollable Grasses In Kentucky

Here in Kentucky, we often use both warm-season and cool-season grasses together. Unfortunately, the warm-season grasses can become a nuisance. If left unchecked, they can spread quickly and overtake the cool-season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass. Learn how to identify five of the most common uncontrollable grasses that plague our Kentucky lawns and how a few yard maintenance tricks, including 2YardPros effective Weed Control Service, can help keep them away for good. 

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professional mowing

7 Reasons To Hire Mowing Services This Summer

There are many perks that come with letting a landscaping professional handle your mowing, edging, and weed control this summer. Apart from the gorgeous-looking lawn, you may just find you have more free time!

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backyard patio

5 Hardscaping Ideas To Upgrade Your Summer

Are you wondering how to jazz up your backyard this summer? Why not order up a gorgeous hardscaping feature? From patios to outdoor fireplaces, the ways to beautify your space are endless.

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mulch in landscaping

Why You Should Get Mulching Service This Spring

Mulch is a great addition to the garden. From added nutrients to moisture retention, it’s a versatile product that adds health and beauty to our gardens. However, installing mulch yourself can be quite labor-intensive and time-consuming. Do yourself a favor and leave it to the professionals this year.

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outdoor fireplace on covered patio

5 Reasons To Install An Outdoor Fireplace This Spring

Whether you’ve always wanted a fire pit or just recently thought about installing one, there’s never been a better time than this spring. Discover the many benefits of adding this beloved hardscaping feature to your backyard.

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lawn during sunrise

Defending Your Lawn From Common Spring Lawn Diseases

Don’t let destructive lawn diseases ruin your yard this year. Common lawn diseases such as brown patch and red thread are a real threat to lawns in the spring. With lawn care from 2 Yard Pros you’ll never have to worry about lawn diseases again.

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silver truck with snow plow

Hiring a Professional Snow Removal Service For Your Business

When you are a business owner, keeping your parking lots and walkways clear of snow is important. If your customers have no place to park they might go elsewhere. Hire a professional snow removal service and don’t lose any customers this winter.

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