Extend Patio Season in Kentuckiana With A Fire Pit Installation

As summer ends, we tend to drift indoors and start spending more time inside while longing for the return of spring. But fall doesn’t have to be the end of your outdoor activities. If you install a fire pit on your patio, you could extend your outdoor time and create an entertaining space for guests. Fire pits are cheap, fun, and can add a great deal of interest to your Kentuckiana property. Here are some of the advantages of having a fire pit installed in your yard.

Creates A Chill Atmosphere

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party after the summer sun has gone down, or you want to snuggle up with your family and chat into the early hours, a fire pit is the ultimate focal point and creates an irresistibly ambient glow for a cozy evening outdoors.

It Adds A Focal Point to Your Kentuckiana Property

Fire pits come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Having an attractive fire pit sparks interest and conversation. Fires a great way to get people to come together after an outdoor event and just relax. Be sure to add enough seating around the fire for everyone.


They Keep Bugs Away

The worst part of having an outdoor gathering is being attacked by mosquitoes and other bugs. Thankfully, these pests don’t want to fly into a fire and will stay away.

You Can Use It Any Season

With a fire pit in your yard, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces any time of the year. Curl up with that special someone and watch the sunset or gather with your friends and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Fires may be a staple of summertime but they can be used just as much in the winter. In fact, having a fire in the winter creates a more intimate atmosphere as everyone gathers closer to the heat.


There is something primitive and raw about cooking on an open fire. Instead of just roasting marshmallows or hotdogs, you can cook a lot more. All you need is a cooking grate that you can place over your fire. Some fire pit designs actually have a grate that swings easily over the fire, allowing for easy cooking of hamburgers, brats, and can even boil water. Cooking over an open flame is fun for family and friends and is a great conversation starter.

Fire Pits Illuminate

Fires change the entire mood and atmosphere of your backyard or patio. After the sun goes down, a fire is a welcoming sight. They can be used to light up your outdoor spaces instead of artificial light, creating an entirely new ambiance.

Fire Pits Extend Your Day

During the summer months, it doesn’t get dark till well after 8 o’clock in the evening. As we head towards winter, the days will be getting shorter and colder. That doesn’t mean you have to retreat indoors when the sun goes down. The early sunsets in fall and winter provide an opportunity for those of us with backyard fire pits to start our fires early. Instead of lighting the fire around 9:00 pm, you can start much earlier, allowing for a longer visit.

A Fire Pit Lets You Enjoy Your Yard

You have probably spent a lot of time and money creating and maintaining your yard all year. With the addition of a fire pit, you can enjoy your hard work and share it with others. Who doesn’t like to secretly show off their yard to their family and friends? Depending on the design, a fire pit can actually increase the property value of your home.

They Are Inexpensive

As you probably know, you can spend as much or as little money on a fire pit as you want. You could go rustic and just have a hole in the ground with rocks around it or go all out with brick pavers and retaining walls. It’s up to you and your imagination and the kind of vibe you are trying to create.

Get Help With Your Hardscaping Projects

Are you inspired to build a backyard fire pit in your yard? Don’t break your back building your own fire pit. At 2YardPros, we design and build custom fire pits to fit our client’s needs. We service the entire Kentuckiana area and can add retaining walls and pavers to create the perfect outdoor space.

Just give us a call at (502) 298-7828 or contact us online to get started! For the latest news and updates, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages. For more tips on lawn care and landscaping, please check out our helpful blogs here.

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