Holiday Gift Ideas: Lawncare, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

We all have people that are impossible to buy for. Every year it’s the same old struggle and you wind up buying something lame like a pair of slippers. Why not give them something that they can actually use, not just once, but over and over again. I’m talking about the gift of a stress-free year. The gift of lawn care maintenance. At 2YardPros we offer more than just lawn mowing services. We offer mulch, fertilizing, landscape and hardscape installations, and snow removal. 

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance program starts with making sure your lawn is clear of litter and debris. We will also remove tree limbs that might damage the mower or make mowing difficult. Our lawn care experts will make sure your yard looks like it was mowed by a professional. We arrive on time each week with clean up-to-date equipment to give you the best cut and edging possible.

Weed Controldandelions

Weed control is another part of our lawn care program. Even if you have an immaculately mowed yard, just a handful of weeds can ruin it. We know better than anyone how to handle and keep weeds from getting back into your yard.

The most common weeds we see in Kentucky lawns are:

  • Bindweed
  • Sick Weed 
  • Johnson Grass
  • Flower Weed
  • Quackgrass
  • Thistles
  • Dandelions
  • Crabgrass
  • Nutsedge

We tackle weeds early in the spring to keep them from seeding and sprouting in the summer. By continuing to monitor and tackle weeds throughout the summer and fall we can drive down the number of weeds that will sprout the next year. 


After weeds have been eliminated it’s time to make sure your grass is strong and healthy. Remember, healthy grass can fend off invasive weeds on its own. Our fertilizer program is tailor-made to fit the needs of your lawn. Each of our programs is performed by licensed Yard Pros who have years of experience and know exactly what they are doing. Our standard package begins in early spring and includes five treatments spread throughout the year.  Our pro package includes seven treatments spread throughout the year.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

Take some pride in your yard by adding some landscape or hardscape features. If the only reason you haven’t added a brick fire pit is that you just don’t have the time, well wait no longer. What a great gift to give the person who loves to entertain outdoors. Take a look at all the landscaping and hardscaping services we offer.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Get your trees looking and feeling great. We remove dead and diseased limbs while maintaining the natural shape of your ornamentals.

Planting and Mulching

Got new trees and shrubs to plant? Let us plant them for you. We can also apply mulch to your garden and trees.

Fire Pits

We offer custom made fireplaces of varying styles and varieties. We can create the perfect outdoor entertaining area for you.

Snow Removal

In the winter, yard work turns into snow plowing. Shoveling snow can be arduous work and can even be too much for older people. That’s why the gift of a clear driveway is the perfect gift for that person you don’t want shoveling the snow all by themself. Here in Kentucky, we can have unpredictable snowfalls that can happen overnight and turn sidewalks into ice. With 2YardPros on the job, you can count on your driveways and walkways to be snow and ice-free when you need them to be.

Give The Gift of Lawn Care from 2YardPros

If you want to give someone you love the gift that keeps on giving, then call 2YardPros at (502) 298-7828 or contact us online to get started! For the latest news and updates, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages. For more tips on lawn care and landscaping, please check out our helpful blogs here.

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