Why You Should Get Mulching Service This Spring

Mulch is a humble yet mighty thing to have in your garden. Besides adding aesthetic quality to your flower beds, it can provide many other functional benefits. Before you load up your pickup with bags upon bags of mulch, you might want to consider a professional mulching service this spring.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Mulching Service

Save Time

Hauling all the mulch, you’ll need from the nursery to your yard and dispersing it across your yard is a time-consuming task. When you leave it to a landscaping service, it can be done in a few hours.

Save Your Back

Lifting, hefting, and moving bags of heavy mulch takes its toll – especially on your back. Why not save the wear and tear and skip right to enjoying the results? You can do exactly this when you leave it to the experts.

What Does Mulch Do

Before you decide to have mulch delivered and installed, you may be wondering: do I even need mulch? What does it do for my yard? Well, it does a lot, actually. Mulch comes in many forms, but generally, they fall into these two categories: inorganic and organic. Inorganic mulch is made from things like recycled tires, stones, or gravel. Organic mulch, which is what we’ll focus on, comes from a variety of materials and can help improve the health of your beds.

Nutrient Replenishment

Organic mulch will eventually break down over time. On average, it should be replaced roughly every three years. As the mulch breaks down, it naturally replenishes nutrients in the soil that may be missing.


Trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants need all the help they can get when it comes to moisture retention. In summer, this protects them from the heat and drought-like conditions – especially if it doesn’t often rain in the warmer months. In winter, extra moisture protects plants from windburn – a condition that arises from exposure to cold, harsh winds.

Weed Control

Like many types of grass, weeds need a lot of direct sunlight to germinate. Unfortunately, flower beds can provide the perfect place to catch some rays. Since flowers tend to be more spread out than grass, these gaps allow the sun to penetrate the soil where weeds lie in wait. If you have mulch installed, it will smother any weeds.


Surrounding flowers or ornamental plants with mulch makes your yard look tidier and put together. It can even increase curb appeal by as much as 12%.

Get Advice On Different Types Of Mulch

What works for your neighbor’s yard may not be the best choice for yours. Discussing your landscaping goals with a professional lawn technician gives them an insight into how you’d like your yard to look while also keeping the needs of the flowers, trees, and shrubs in mind.

Wood Chips

This is one of the most popular choices we see in the landscaping business. It looks great, and it’s incredibly effective at preventing weeds. Wood chips may not be ideal for a vegetable garden, however.


Using fallen leaves is a cost-effective way to create mulch. If you don’t have a mower with an attachment, you can buy a mulcher. These devices will shred the leaves into sufficiently small pieces that you can easily disperse into the garden.

Grass Clippings

Like leaves, grass clippings are another way to mulch your garden. They can be created simply by mowing your lawn. Just be sure not to leave too thick of a layer on the lawn or around flower beds, or they can smother the grass and create root rot. Grass clippings are ideal for a vegetable garden.


Compost is another easy-to-make mulch, but you can also purchase it. It tends to be dryer than other compost forms, so don’t rely solely on compost for moisture. It’s best to mix the compost in with the soil or combine it with another form of mulch. This will deliver the compost nutrients to the soil without leaving it parched.

Straw or Hay

Not only do hay and straw retain moisture extremely well, but they also look nice. This mulch is ideal for flower beds or veggies that need extra water, which means you won’t have to water quite as frequently.

Landscape Fabric

This is a specialized type of fabric that looks a bit like dryer lint rolled into bunches. It’s excellent at getting air and water into the soil, but it does have drawbacks. For one thing, it’s not pleasant to look at, so you’ll need to cover it with another form of mulch. For another thing, it will deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.

Contact The Best Mulching Company In Louisville

2YardPros offers a variety of lawn services in Louisville and the surrounding area. Our licensed team members can advise you on which mulch is best for your situation and do all the installation for you. You won’t have to lift a finger! You’ll save countless hours researching, selecting, hauling, and distributing mulch. You’ll be happier, and so will your trees, shrubs, and garden beds. We can also assist with other lawn care service needs, including mowing, trimming, edging, pruning, and fertilizing. To speak to an expert, call (502) 298-7828 or ask us a question through our online form.

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