Lawn Care in Middletown

2YardPros brings a unique blend of lawn care services to Middletown turfs. Merging our history as a construction business and expanding our services to include landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn maintenance has allowed us to serve Middletown’s residential and commercial properties with professional, efficient, and personalized lawn care.

Despite what our name implies, our lawn care and landscaping crew consists of more than 2 people. Our team is made up of licensed technicians with varying specialties—so, when you call 2YardPros and tell us what your lawn needs, we are able to assign the best people for the job.

Every service we perform involves 2 technicians to ensure you and your turf receive:

  • Personable attention.
  • Efficient service.
  • Accountable treatments.
  • And free re-treats if you are not completely satisfied.

Check out our services and tell us how we can help your lawn look its best. Call today!

Lawn Aeration in Middletown, KY

Lawn aeration is the process of loosening compacted soil and thatch that forms on your turf over time. Aerating your yard regularly is critical to grass growth and ensures water, air, and other nutrients can reach your grassroots.

Signs Your Turf Needs Lawn Aeration: 

  • Browning or thinning grass.
  • Pools of water in your yard.
  • Tough soil that’s hard to dig.
  • Spongy grass.
  • Dead spots in your lawn.

2YardPros’ lawn aeration service reverses these unsightly issues and gets your turf back on track to producing a lush and vibrant grass. We assign 2 trained lawn care technicians who take great care to aerate your yard without leaving a mess of soil plugs and uneven turf behind. Once we create pathways for water, air, and essential nutrients to benefit your grassroots, you’ll notice a fuller healthier grass within weeks. 

Weed Control in Middletown, KY

2YardPros owners, David and Kim, also hate what weed invasions do to Middletown lawns. Sick Weed, Johnson Grass, Flower Weed, and other common eyesores not only ruin the look of your lawn—they also attract pests and diseases, and steal nutrients from your grass, beds, and gardens. That’s why 2YardPros incorporates professional weed control into our lawn maintenance services.

Our 2-person weed control crew stays on top of weeds by identifying the types that plague your lawn and applying a specialized solution to remove them. This can be done through a combination of:

  • Mulching.
  • Lawn fertilization.
  • Pre- and post-emergent weed control.
  • And more.

2YardPros makes it easy to mix and match our lawn care and landscaping services because we want to make sure your property gets everything it needs to flourish. Learn more about our weed control by asking about our lawn maintenance programs. Call today!

Landscaping in Middletown, KY

2YardPros’ landscaping and hardscaping capabilities are instilled with advanced skills that co-owner David gained from owning a construction business with his father. Our exceptional attention to detail and precision workmanship pairs with our expert knowledge of lawn care to deliver the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. 

Our Landscaping Services

2YardPros is a proud member of the National Association of Landscaping Professionals, meaning you can trust our talented crew to expertly provide:

  • Pruning and trimming.
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Planting and mulching.
  • Landscaping design and maintenance.

Our Hardscaping Services in Middletown, KY

Hardscaping refers to non-plant elements incorporated into your landscaping such as patios, walls, and decks. Our licensed hardscaping professionals work with you to bring your ideal outdoor retreat to life by installing:

  • Fire pits.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Walkways.
  • Patios.
  • Decks.

Lawn Maintenance in Middletown, KY

Our collection of lawn maintenance services is made to relieve our Middletown customers from unending lawn care responsibilities. When you hire professional lawn maintenance with 2YardPros, we take the workload off your hands starting with tree limb or debris clean-up in order to prepare your turf for treatment. Some of our most popular lawn maintenance services include:

Edging and Mowing in Middletown, KY

Using top-of-the-line equipment, our trained lawn care pros mow your grass to its proper length, and frame your immaculate turf with precise edging without leaving piles of discarded grass behind.


After clearing your gardens and beds of ugly weeds, we spread your choice of premium mulch to further beautify the area, suppress weeds, and act as a natural fertilizer.

Lawn Fertilization in Middletown, KY

We offer 2 fertilization programs to keep your grass looking magnificent all year. Choose between our standard package of 5 fertilization treatments or upgrade to our 7-treatment package.

Pruning and Trimming in Middletown, KY

Whether you would like your trees and shrubs to sport a unique design or simply want them routinely manicured, our landscaping expertise keeps your property well-taken care of.

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