Hiring a Professional Snow Removal Service For Your Business

Kentucky winters are unpredictable and while a blanket of fresh snow looks beautiful, it poses risks to property and personal safety. As for your business,  it’s important to get your driveway or parking lot clear fast, or your customers might go somewhere else where it’s easier to find a parking spot. At 2Yard Pros, we offer a range of fast and reliable snow removal services. Our program is designed to keep your parking lots clear and your businesses open without interruption. Take a look at these other benefits of hiring a professional snow removal service.

Legal Protectionman slipping on icy steps

Leaving snow and ice on your walkways can be a safety hazard and if it’s your place of business, a potential lawsuit. With our unpredictable winters with sudden freezes and thaws, black ice is all too common. Reducing insurance liability keeps your business from paying expensive lawsuits and lawyer fees. When 2 Yard Pros are on the job you can be sure that your driveways and walkways will be clear before your customers show up. 

Shoveling Snow Can Be Dangerous

Shoveling and pushing snow by hand puts a lot of strain on your heart, especially if you aren’t used to rigorous exercise. Shoveling puts a lot of exertion on your body very quickly. Not to mention the cold temperatures cause our arteries to constrict, increasing blood pressure, and setting the stage for a heart attack. In fact, snow shoveling sends more than 11,000 people to the hospital each year.

Rapid Work

Shoveling your own walkways can not only be dangerous but it can take a really long time. If you run a small business then you don’t have time to spend hours cleaning your driveway. Who’s running the shop? That’s where the professional snow guys at 2 Yard Pros come in. Depending on the size of your parking lot, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.   

Peace of Mind

Watching the weather the night before a big snowstorm can send your anxiety through the roof if you have to open your business the next day. A professional snow removal company can alleviate your stress. You can sleep easy knowing that 2Yard Pros will have your place of business free and clear of snow by the time you arrive.

Protect Your Parking Lotparking lot with snow cleared

At 2Yard Pros, we use the latest in snow removal technology. This means our equipment is designed for plowing snow without tearing up your parking lot surface. Too many businesses hire amateur snow plowers with cheap equipment. This can lead to chips and chunks of asphalt being broken off during plowing. Our equipment will get the job done fast while keeping the integrity of your parking lot.

High-Quality Results

When you hire an amateur to clear your sidewalks and parking lots you get amateur results. We have years of experience shoveling snow and we know you don’t want ugly piles of snow blocking your business. At 2Yard Pros, we are conscious of that fact and make sure that your curb appeal is not compromised.

Looking for a Snow Removal Service in Louisville, Kentucky?

We still have a few months left of winter and unpredictable snowfall. Stop losing customers because you can’t shovel your parking lot fast enough. With snow removal service from 2Yard Pros, you can count on us to be there bright and early to clear your walkways and parking lots so you will always be open for business.

Just give us a call at (502) 298-7828 or contact us online to get started! For the latest news and updates, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages. For more tips on lawn care and landscaping, please check out our helpful blogs here.

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