Tips to Protect Your Lawn in the Upcoming Fall Season

Labor day has finally come and gone. The consistently sunny days may be behind us for the year now. That means autumn will be in full effect soon, and it’s easy for everyone to forget about leaves being rakedtheir lawn care needs when leaves are covering it up, and the rain feels like it is constantly falling. But something that most people tend to overlook is lawn care services that can help protect your turf and promote new growth health next season when done in the fall.

2Yard Pros wants to walk our readers through some good fall lawn care services that will allow your turf to hold onto the sweet spot of health you worked all summer to get to. Follow along for tips and tricks on how to protect your grass all cool-season long!

Fall Means Leaf Removal

While leaves look festive and are fun for kids and pets to play in, they aren’t actually good for your turf. When your grass is covered by a mountain of leaves, it lacks the ability to soak up proper sunlight (even when there is seemingly no sun in sight, your turf still needs that natural daylight to grow). They can also trap all the moisture from the rainfall that your soil needs to stay healthy. Removing excessive leaves with raking and leaf blowing is going to be your best option for a healthier turf this fall.

Fertilizer is Key

Many people tend to forget about the needs of their turf when the rainfall seems omnipresent. But rainfall isn’t enough for your turf to thrive. In reality, it’s still necessary for your turf to protect itself from the harshness of the cool-season weather. This is why 2Yard Pros knows that a late-season fall fertilizer could do wonders for your turf. Fertilizers give your turf the energy it needs to stay nutrient-dense all winter, so you won’t want to skip out on this step.

Don’t Forget to Cut Your Lawnlawn mower cutting grass

Contrary to popular belief, your lawn doesn’t just stop growing the minute Labor Day weekend is over. Actually, this is about the time when the grass is more subject to fungi from all the debris that is sitting on it. Clearing and cutting your turf to be no longer than 2.5 inches can be one of the key ways that it will stay healthy and happy throughout the entire season – which will motivate it to come back that way when spring arrives again. When cutting in the cool-season, beware that is is not shorter than that 2.5 inches we mentioned earlier, or it will not be able to hold up against the bitterness of winter later in the year.

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